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October 25, 2023

Why is laser treatment worthwhile right now?

Laser treatment Dr. Kors
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Laser treatments are very versatile. Depending on the laser type and wavelength, different results can be achieved. FractionalCO2 laser treatment can rejuvenate the face, reduce wrinkles and refine the skin texture. Laser hair removal is also popular for removing unwanted body hair so that regular shaving is no longer necessary to achieve the desired smooth skin. Laser treatments are also suitable for removing unpleasant tattoos. Fall and winter are the ideal time for a laser treatment. What are the benefits of laser treatment at this time of year? What needs to be considered after the treatment?

What happens during laser treatment?

During laser treatment, pulses of light are emitted into the tissue. There, the energy is converted into heat. Depending on the reason for use and the system used, this leads to different reactions. In wrinkle treatment, for example, heating stimulates the body’s own collagen production. The heat also causes the tissue to contract and tighten.

In the case of disturbing pigment spots or unwanted tattoos, however, the impulses are absorbed by the color pigments (melanin of the skin or color particles of the tattoo). This destroys them and breaks them down into tiny particles. These color residues are then gradually removed by natural processes, causing the skin spot or tattoo to gradually fade.

During hair removal, it is the hair roots and hair follicles that absorb the energy pulses emitted and convert them into heat. The rise in temperature damages them and the hair falls out after a while. As the treatment acts directly on the hair root, hair growth is also inhibited so that the hair does not grow back for a longer period of time.

Overview: What are laser treatments used for?

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Smoothing and firming the skin (natural-looking rejuvenation)
  • Refine pores and skin texture
  • Remove pigment spots
  • Removing benign skin changes (e.g. fibromas, age-related warts)
  • Remove tattoos
  • Lasting hair removal
  • Scar treatment
  • Reduce unwanted fat deposits
  • Autumn is laser time – but why?

    When aesthetic treatments are carried out depends primarily on individual preferences. However, health factors can also speak in favor of laser treatment in autumn and winter. This is because the skin usually becomes more sensitive to light after laser treatment. If the skin comes into direct contact with the sun after laser treatment, it cannot optimally protect itself against the radiation. The risk of pigment changes, irritation and deep cell damage is increased. It is therefore very important to protect the treated skin areas from the sun after the laser treatment. This is usually easier in fall and winter, as warmer and longer clothing that covers the skin is usually worn anyway. In addition, the sun is less intense at these times of year.

    Another advantage: the cool air after laser treatment is perceived as pleasant. The hot summer air, on the other hand, can put additional strain on sensitive skin and increase the burning sensation, for example. In addition, laser treatments often require several sessions before the desired result is achieved. Depending on the desired treatment, this can take several months. Treatment in the fall and winter then makes it possible to show the result in the warmer half of the year.

    How to support the results of laser treatment

    In addition to sun protection, you can take further measures to support your skin or body after laser treatment. Laser treatment is a comparatively gentle method that hardly puts any strain on the body. Nevertheless, redness, swelling, crusting, burning and pulling may occur after the treatment. If necessary, you can carefully cool the affected areas.

    Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. This not only cares for the skin, but also helps to flush out fat cells or pigment residues. It is also generally good for the circulation. A healthy diet, abstaining from alcohol and smoking and regular exercise not only have a positive effect on general health, but also on the results of laser treatment.

    Also think about skin care to support the treated areas. We will be happy to advise you, as care can vary depending on the treatment, skin type and other factors.

    More about laser treatment at the Weißensee Skin Center

    Are you interested in laser treatment? Then now is the right time! Let our skin center advise you in detail about the possibilities and the individual treatments. You can make an appointment by telephone or via our online booking system. We look forward to seeing you!

    last update: 10/25/2023

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