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December 22, 2021

What can Emsella® do for the muscles?

BTL Emsella® treatment
BTL Medizintechnik GmbH

The BTL Emsella® is a special medical chair designed to counteract a weak pelvic floor. This can be used to treat bladder weakness and stress incontinence very effectively and increase sexual sensation. The treatment can also be used as part of a so-called Mommy Makeover to strengthen the pelvic floor after childbirth. This is possible as early as eight weeks after giving birth – even during breastfeeding.

Focused energy is used to stimulate and train the muscles in a targeted manner. The training is many times more intensive than would be possible with conventional methods. One treatment session with the BTL Emsella® corresponds to around 11,500 contractions. This trains and strengthens the muscles 100%. The treatment is primarily aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, but the muscles in the lower back and abdominal area can also be strengthened.

How are muscles strengthened?

Muscles are trained through regular contractions. The contraction and subsequent loosening ensure that the muscle is gradually strengthened. It is important that muscles are continuously challenged so that they remain strong. A muscle that is not used gradually breaks down again. It is therefore important to establish regularity when training muscles. In addition, muscles only continue to build up if they are pushed to the limit.

However, it is important not to overexert yourself and to find a healthy training program. Incorrectly performed exercises can also lead to damage (e.g. to the joints). Muscle building should therefore be carried out under the guidance of an expert.

How does Emsella® work?

The BTL Emsella® trains the muscles without difficult or strenuous exercises. The magnetic energy emitted causes the muscles to contract strongly again and again, making them stronger. As with conventional training, regular use of BTL Emsella® is the key to optimum treatment and training success.

The first results can be noticed after the first few treatments, but several treatments are recommended for lasting strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles and the muscles in the lower back and abdomen. The number of individual sessions depends on the individual factors. These are examined and discussed in a personal consultation in order to adapt the treatment plan to the patient.

We have had good experiences with about six treatment sessions, with about two treatments per week. In addition, regular repetitions should take place after this build-up phase in order to continue to engage the muscles and counteract muscle loss (e.g. two repetitions after about a year).

Is Emsella® only suitable for women?

Bladder weakness and stress incontinence are a problem that around half of all women will face at some point in their lives. In particular, the natural ageing process and natural childbirth have an effect on the firmness and strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Treatment with BTL Emsella® is therefore suitable for women who want to help strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. This can reduce or even completely eliminate stress and stress incontinence. A well-trained pelvic floor also often has a positive effect on sexual sensation.

But men can also benefit from the effective muscle stimulation provided by BTL Emsella®. Strengthened pelvic floor muscles in men also prevent incontinence or reduce existing bladder weakness. Many men struggle with urinary incontinence, especially after prostate treatment. This can be reduced with the help of Emsella®. The strength of the pelvic floor muscles also has an effect on the male genital area and supports potency, for example. In addition, BTL Emsella® also strengthens the muscles in the lower back and abdomen, so that the body silhouette can also benefit from the treatment.

Is the application complicated?

Muscle training with BTL Emsella® is extremely simple and pain-free. The patients sit fully clothed on the special chair and allow the magnetic field it generates to work for them. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. During this time, patients simply remain seated and relaxed. An additional anesthetic or similar is not necessary. Only a slight tension in the lower abdomen can be felt during the session. In the days that follow, you may also feel sore muscles, just like after a conventional workout. No further side effects are to be expected.

Contraindications to treatment with BTL Emsella® include electronic implants such as pacemakers. The focused energy can negatively affect these devices and lead to problems. Treatment must also be avoided if there is metal in the abdominal/pelvic area. The contraindications are discussed in more detail during the personal consultation in order to rule out avoidable risks.

More about BTL Emsella®

Would you like more information or a personal consultation on the possibilities of treatment with the BTL Emsella® chair? Then please contact our team at the Weißensee Skin Center . You can also simply use our online appointment booking use!

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