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July 5, 2021

Video consultation

Bookable online now.

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Video consultation

The uncertainty in dealing with the current situation is high. The video consultation can help to protect you and the people around you. That’s why we provide you with a KBV-certified and ready-to-use video consultation solution with Doctolib.

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What do I need to be able to use the Doctolib video consultation?

  • Computer, laptop or tablet with internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Loudspeaker/headphones

How do I make an appointment for a video consultation?

Go to the homepage www.doctolib.de and enter “Hautzentrum Weisssensee” in the search bar.

Please select the video consultation under “Type of treatment”. You can select a date for the video consultation and click on the desired time.

After making an appointment, you will receive the document “Data protection declaration / consent to video consultation” via Doctolib. Please fill out the document and send it back to us via Doctolib BEFORE your scheduled appointment. You can also send us pictures of your skin changes via Doctolib.

How does the video consultation work?

You will receive an appointment reminder from Doctolib by SMS and/or email and a link to the video consultation.
Please click on the link, the software will open automatically.

Please register via Doctolib approx. 5 minutes before the appointment and confirm via Doctolib that you wish to attend the appointment. Only when you have a stable connection via Doctolib can we see you in our virtual waiting room and call you.

If we cannot reach you immediately, please stay on the line until the connection is established.

There are no additional costs for the video consultation. You will be billed via your statutory or private health insurance company.

Latest news
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