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October 23, 2020

Vampire lifting – how to remove wrinkles naturally

Vampire Lifting Berlin

For many people, a smooth and fresh complexion is the ideal of individual beauty. With the help of skin care products and a healthy lifestyle, it is usually possible to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance for longer. Sooner or later, however, changes due to the natural ageing process become apparent, including wrinkles, a sallow complexion, dry skin, sun damage and pigmentation changes.

In aesthetic medicine today, there are various gentle treatment methods to choose from to restore the skin’s youthful and fresh complexion. One of these innovative procedures is called vampire lifting (also known as vampire lifting or Dracula lifting). The medical term is PRP treatment or autologous blood therapy. What may sound a little dangerous at first is actually a particularly gentle and natural way of treating wrinkles and improving the skin.

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How does Vampire Lifting work?

The first pictures of Hollywood stars showing the autologous blood treatment on Instagram and other social media platforms initially generated a lot of response and discussion. After all, they showed red faces, which they said were covered in their own blood. However, they offered no cause for concern.

During a vampire lift, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient. The doctor then prepares the blood specially. Platelets, which are rich in growth factors, are needed for the treatment. They are separated from the usual components, resulting in a highly concentrated preparation. This is then either injected under the skin or applied. In the tissue, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. The growth factors also stimulate cell regeneration and the formation of new cells. Step by step, the skin is rejuvenated from the inside out.

How much blood is needed?

During the vampire lift in Berlin, Dr. Kors and his team draw a small amount of blood. A tube of blood is always taken, which is then processed and used. The amount of blood plasma obtained can vary.

Advantages of the Vampire Lift

One of the main advantages of vampire lifting is that no foreign substances are used. This makes the treatment particularly gentle and well tolerated. It is hardly associated with any risks or complications. The injected blood plasma can be easily reabsorbed by the body, so there is no risk of allergies or rejection. In addition, it is inserted with a very fine needle so that the treatment is hardly associated with any pain. An analgesic ointment can be applied in advance to particularly sensitive areas.

The treatment can be carried out on an outpatient basis in the practice and usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. It can be combined with other minimally invasive methods, such as microneedling or the hyaluronic acid treatment .

Another advantage is that the results achieved look particularly natural. Rejuvenation takes place gradually and through the body’s own processes. The first results are already visible a few days after the treatment. In most cases, two to three treatments at four-week intervals are recommended to achieve optimum results. These can be seen after about two to three months and often last for one to two years. Regular refreshing can bring about a lasting improvement in the skin.

Can the Vampire Lift be repeated as often as required?

The vampire lift is particularly gentle and can, in principle, be repeated as often as the patient wishes. The individual condition of the skin and the intensity of the signs of ageing determine how many treatments are advisable and at what intervals the treatments should take place. Dr. Kors discusses this with the patient in a personal consultation. Each Vampire Lift is therefore adapted to the respective requirements in order to achieve healthy and optimal results.

If age-related changes reappear after some time, as the effect of PRP therapy gradually wears off again, a new consultation can take place in the practice to plan a refresher treatment.

Do patients need to pay attention to anything special during a vampire lift?

Usually no special preparations or aftercare measures are necessary. As a rule, patients are immediately fit for social life again. Any temporary redness or slight swelling can be covered with make-up the day after the treatment. Sauna and facial scrubs should be avoided for about a week. Sun protection should also be applied to the skin areas to prevent irritation and pigmentation disorders.

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