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August 20, 2021

Unfolding individual beauty – minimally invasive combination treatments

Wrinkle treatment in Berlin Dr. Kors
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Beauty begins with an individual’s attitude and lifestyle. A balanced and vitamin-rich diet, exercise in the fresh air, rest and sleep as well as a skincare range tailored to your skin type can actively support your own beauty and a youthful appearance. There are also gentle measures that can help to correct unpleasant changes to the skin. For optimum results, the individual procedures can be combined with each other – depending on the initial situation and the desired effects. Minimally invasive methods include, among others injections with hyaluronic acid , botulinum toxin treatments the PRP therapy (autologous blood therapy) and microneedling.

Naturalness is the trend

Our perception of beauty is strongly influenced by nature. Natural harmony concepts have accompanied us since time immemorial. Even in today’s aesthetic medicine, the trend is moving back towards naturalness. Many patients want gentle treatments to emphasize their beauty instead of “changing” themselves with invasive treatments. Biocompatible active ingredients that trigger the body’s own processes are particularly popular. In this way, cell renewal, regeneration processes and collagen synthesis, among other things, can be stimulated without any major risks or side effects. As a result, the skin and its appearance look significantly fresher and more youthful. Due to their low side-effect properties, the minimally invasive treatments can also be combined very well to achieve the desired look.

Hyaluron and Botox® as the most popular methods

The most commonly used active ingredients in aesthetic medicine are hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. They have proven themselves particularly in the field of wrinkle treatment have made a name for themselves. Hyaluronic acid and Botox® are used for different indications: Hyaluronic acid can be used to plump up static and deep wrinkles. Volume deficits can also be compensated for and contours enhanced. Botox®, on the other hand, is used to treat dynamic wrinkles that occur as a result of facial expressions.

However, the two treatments can also be combined for optimum results. For example, Botox® and hyaluronic acid are used to treat pronounced wrinkles around the mouth, such as marionette lines or nasolabial folds, as well as deep wrinkles in the forehead area. These wrinkles are usually caused by muscle movements (e.g. raising the eyebrows or laughing). Botulinum toxin weakens muscle activity, which smoothes the skin. If the wrinkles are also quite deep, a hyaluronic acid treatment can help to smooth out the unevenness. Both active ingredients are also frequently used in the eye area to reduce fine lines around the eyes on the one hand and to refresh tired eyes and tighten the skin on the other.

Restructuring the skin: microneedling and PRP therapy

A popular duo is the combination of microneedling and autologous blood therapy (PRP treatment). The latter is also known as the vampire lift. First, the skin is treated with fine needles to create tiny injuries. These stimulate the body’s healing processes, whereupon fresh collagen, hyaluronic acid and new cells are formed. An additional injection of PRP enhances this effect. PRP contains numerous growth factors. They also ensure that new cells and collagen are formed and are therefore a valuable supplement.

Autologous blood therapy (as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with microneedling) can also be used to counteract thinning hair. Treatment at the hair roots strengthens them and makes the hair stronger. In the international guidelines, PRP therapy is also listed as a supplement to surgical hair transplantation, as it has a positive influence on the results.

Are there any risks associated with combination treatments?

Some patients are concerned that the combination of different active ingredients and treatments can lead to unpleasant interactions. The procedures are extremely gentle and usually use substances that occur naturally in the body and can be broken down by it. The risk of intolerance or rejection reactions is therefore very low. A careful examination by Dr. Kors takes place during the personal consultation. Dr. Kors has more than 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics. He also trains younger colleagues in the field of aesthetic treatments. During the individual consultation, the experienced specialist will discuss the respective special features and possible side effects. It is usually possible to combine several minimally invasive treatments without any problems or complications.

Further information and options

The combination treatments mentioned are just a small selection of what is possible in aesthetic medicine and what the Weißensee Skin Center can offer you. If you are interested in this topic and would like to find out more, please arrange an individual appointment in our practice. We create the right concept for you based on a detailed analysis of your skin.

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