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July 14, 2020

Treat “saddlebags” with WarmSculpting™

WarmSculpting SculpSure BerlinPretty much everyone is familiar with them: stubborn fat deposits that don’t disappear despite dietary changes and exercise. The abdomen or hips are frequently affected. The thighs are also a typical problem area for unwelcome fat deposits. The voluminous thighs are also commonly referred to as “riding pants”. If dieting and exercise are not enough to achieve the desired figure, treatment with WarmSculpting™ from SculpSure® can be considered. The procedure gently removes excess fat cells and tightens the skin.

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What are “saddlebags” and how do they develop?

The so-called saddlebags are unsightly dimples and fat deposits on the thighs, which primarily affect women. The colloquial name is due to the fact that the appearance of the thighs is reminiscent of the pants worn when riding in the past. The pants for equestrian sports had bulges on the thighs to give the rider more freedom of movement.

The unpopular love handles on the thighs are usually genetic. They are therefore not necessarily the result of being overweight or not exercising enough. Even slim and athletic people can be affected by them.

The saddlebags syndrome (lipedema)

Voluminous thighs – which can often also have cellulite – should not be confused or equated with lipedema, which is sometimes also referred to as saddlebags syndrome. The term “saddlebags” usually refers to localized fat deposits on the sides of the thighs. Lipoedema, on the other hand, is a pathological fat distribution disorder in which the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the legs (or arms) increases significantly. This not only leads to very voluminous limbs, but also to pain and restricted movement. If left untreated, the disease progresses over time.

WarmSculpting™ on the thighs

Surgical liposuction, which can be used to remove unwanted fat deposits from the body, was previously considered the most suitable treatment method. In our practice in Berlin, we offer a method for harmonizing the body silhouette without surgery. With WarmSculpting™, a special laser head is placed on the areas to be treated and fixed in place. Laser light is then emitted into the tissue in a targeted manner. The fatty tissue absorbs the energy. The heat generated destroys the fat cells while the surrounding structures are spared. A special cooling device ensures that the upper layer of skin remains intact.

In total, a WarmSculpting™ treatment session lasts around 25 minutes. Following the treatment, the fat cells are removed via the body’s own lymphatic system. This process takes several weeks. We always recommend a second treatment for optimum results.

In addition to fat reduction, WarmSculpting™ also has a tightening effect on the treated skin area. The heat causes the connective tissue to contract and stimulates collagen production. As a result, the thighs not only look slimmer after the treatment, but also firmer. Cellulite can also be reduced in this way.

Are there any risks?

Since WarmSculpting™ is performed without surgery and without anesthesia, the procedure is a very gentle and low-risk option for fat removal. The treatment areas may be temporarily swollen or slightly tense. These symptoms usually subside within a short time. You will receive detailed advice on the possible side effects of a WarmSculpting™ treatment during a personal consultation in our practice.

What other areas can be treated with WarmSculpting™?

Not only the thighs can be treated with WarmSculpting™, but theoretically also all other parts of the body where localized fat deposits have accumulated that cannot be reduced with exercise or dieting. In addition to the “saddlebags”, i.e. the outer thighs, this often affects the stomach, the inner thighs, the hips (“love handles”), the upper arms and the buttocks. The knees and back (“bra pads”) can also be treated with the WarmSculpting™ procedure to achieve an even and slender body silhouette.

Your WarmSculpting™ treatment in the practice of Dr. Kors

The number of WarmSculpting™ treatments required may vary depending on the area of the body and the desired result. In order to be able to adapt the body contouring optimally to you, a consultation and an examination in our practice are necessary first. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and the WarmSculpting™ process. Your individual appointment can be arranged by telephone, e-mail or contact form with our practice team.

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