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May 23, 2024

Smooth legs for the summer – how laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal Dr. Kors

Body hair has a protective function. It is designed to protect the body from the cold and UV radiation. It was probably more pronounced in our early ancestors. Over time, this function became less important as people found other ways to protect themselves. Today, the aesthetic aspect of body hair often takes center stage. Some people do not feel comfortable with their hair and want smooth, hairless skin. The affected areas include the legs, but also the chest, back, arms and genital area. As constant shaving, epilating or waxing is not only annoying, but can also irritate and injure the skin, the desire for a permanent solution is often great. With the laser hair removal this is possible and we will show you exactly how the treatment works.

First of all: Are the results of laser treatment really permanent?

From a medical point of view, it is not possible to stop 100% of hair growth through aesthetic treatment. This means that hair can grow back after a laser treatment. However, experience shows that this process takes several years. In addition, the hairs that grow back can change – they are often finer or lighter than before, making them less noticeable.

The result of a successful laser treatment is in most cases very long-lasting and satisfactory, making this method an attractive alternative to conventional hair removal methods.

Is laser hair removal treatment painful?

Depending on the body region, skin condition, hair density and thickness as well as personal pain tolerance, laser treatment can be more or less painful. In general, the treatment is one of the least painful procedures, as it hardly puts any strain on the body. In sensitive areas and for people with a low pain tolerance, the treatment can be perceived as unpleasant, but is generally always well tolerated. The laser system is equipped with a cooling system that soothes the treated areas and also slightly anesthetizes them due to the cold.

A slight pulling sensation cannot usually be avoided when the hair follicles are sclerosed. However, many patients report that the gentle treatment is more pleasant than epilation, for example.

How exactly is the hair removed?

During laser hair removal, an applicator is passed over the areas of the body to be treated. This emits high-energy light pulses into the tissue at regular intervals. They are absorbed by the hair follicles and hair roots. The conversion of energy into heat results in a brief, intense rise in temperature, which damages the hair follicles and hair roots. Due to the damage, they are no longer functional and fail over time. This also inhibits hair regrowth.

In total, a laser hair removal treatment takes around 30 to 60 minutes. The exact duration depends on the size of the area to be treated.

How many treatment sessions are necessary for a beautiful result?

The number of sessions required varies. Initially, several sessions are always necessary, as not all hair can be treated at the same time, but only the hair that is in the growth phase. Several treatments are therefore carried out at intervals of a few weeks to achieve optimum results for smooth skin. As a rule, we recommend about six treatments, but this can vary from person to person.

What is important after laser hair removal?

After a laser treatment, the skin is usually more sensitive to light than before. Therefore, pay particular attention to sun protection. It is best not to expose the treated areas to direct sunlight. If contact with the sun cannot be avoided, always use a sun cream with a high sun protection factor (50+).

No downtime is to be expected after hair removal. You can go about your everyday life as usual. Sport is also possible without any problems. However, the treated areas may be temporarily sensitive or irritated. This can cause itching and redness at times. It is also quite normal for the skin to be drier after laser treatment. You can actively support and care for them with a suitable moisturizer.

Personal consultation appointment for laser hair removal

The best way to find out whether laser treatment is suitable for your needs is to arrange a personal consultation in our practice. Dr. Kors is an experienced specialist in aesthetic laser treatments and will be happy to provide you with all the details. You can also discuss your questions directly with the expert at this appointment. Give us a call or use our online appointment .

last update: 29.04.2024

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