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December 18, 2023

Scar treatment with RF microneedling

RF microneedling Dr. Kors
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For many people, a fine and even complexion, preferably free of annoying wrinkles, sun damage and scars, is synonymous with youthfulness, attractiveness and health. But no skin is completely free of traces. In addition to the natural ageing process, various influences such as minor injuries, acne or surgical procedures can lead to scars remaining on the skin. While some scars are barely visible to the naked eye once they have healed, others are an aesthetic nuisance for those affected. Scars can be particularly noticeable on highly visible areas of the body such as the face, neck, décolleté, hands or arms and can have a negative impact on aesthetics. A gentle measure to improve and fade scars is treatment with modern RF microneedling. We perform radiofrequency needling with Secret™ PRO at our institute.

RF microneedling at a glance

RF microneedling combines the proven principles of radiofrequency treatment and classic microneedling in one treatment. Both the action of the tiny needles, which are repeatedly inserted into the tissue during microneedling, and the impulses of the radiofrequency treatment stimulate the body’s own synthesis of fresh collagen. This strengthens the collagen structure in the tissue and creates a harmonious tightening effect that smoothes the skin. At the same time, new skin cells are formed. The overall skin texture becomes finer and softer, the skin quality improves significantly and there is an additional tightening effect.

With RF microneedling, fine needles deliver radio frequency energy directly into the tissue. By combining both methods, all skin layers can be reached, which increases the effect and optimizes the result. In addition to annoying wrinkles, modern RF microneedling can also be used to treat pigmentation spots, sagging tissue, coarse-pored skin, stretch marks and, last but not least, scars.

Treatment with Secret™ PRO in our practice offers a further advantage: RF microneedling can also be supplemented with a CO2 laser treatment to further improve the skin’s appearance in an upper skin layer and support the body’s own renewal processes.

What happens to the scar during and after the treatment?

Treatment with RF microneedling is performed on an outpatient basis and takes around 30 to 90 minutes – depending on the size of the treatment area and the desired result, among other things. The skin is anesthetized with a medical cream beforehand so that the treatment is virtually painless. The handpiece of the Secret™ PRO is then guided over the skin areas. The needles penetrate the tissue in a controlled and repeated manner. The depth of treatment is determined individually and adapted to the respective region.

The treatment stimulates collagen production. Collagen is an important structural protein which, among other things, ensures that the skin remains elastic, smooth and supple. The increased collagen production at the scar leads to the scar tissue becoming finer and softer. The appearance of the scar is improved so that it is less noticeable. In the case of sunken scars (e.g. acne scars), the harmonizing tightening effect ensures that the annoying scar is smoothed out and is also less noticeable.

Will the scar disappear completely?

There are various treatment options to remove unwanted scars. Which one is most suitable in each individual case depends, among other things, on the type and size of the scar. In principle, it is not possible to make a scar disappear completely with any method. The treatments aim to improve the appearance of the scar and make it fade so that it is less visible. With modern procedures such as RF microneedling, very good results can be achieved with low risks.

Further options for scar treatment

Here is a brief overview of other treatment options for scar correction. Dr. Kors will be happy to discuss which ones are suitable for you in a personal consultation after a thorough examination.

What else is RF microneedling used for?

RF microneedling is a gentle and effective method to sustainably improve the appearance of the skin. In addition to scar treatment, it is particularly suitable as an anti-ageing treatment that achieves a harmonious lifting and smoothing effect. Disturbing wrinkles can be reduced in a targeted manner. The effect of RF microneedling on the tissue refines and improves the skin structure: the skin appears fresher, healthier and younger. The treatment is also suitable for fading annoying stretch marks and pigmentation marks/age spots – an effective all-round treatment that can be adapted to individual needs and wishes.

Personal consultation on RF microneedling with Dr. Kors

Would you like to find out more about RF microneedling for scar treatment? Then contact us for a personal consultation in our practice. You can easily use our online booking system to make an appointment.

last update: 18.12.2023

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