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Proctology Berlin

Our anus should not be a taboo zone, because it is just as much a part of us as our face or our hands. Anatomically, it is even an important boundary organ between our outside and inside. Even minor complaints can have a very negative impact on our quality of life and, if left untreated, can even lead to serious illnesses.

At the dermatology practice of Dr. Christian Kors, we treat your concerns with a high degree of understanding and discretion. Modern diagnostics are gentle and easy to tolerate. Gentle treatment methods generally lead to a rapid and lasting improvement in symptoms.

As a specialist in proctology, Dr. Christian Kors has extensive experience and always strives to help you get the relief you want quickly and easily.

We treat the following proctological diseases gently and painlessly:

– Hemorrhoids (by sclerotherapy or ligation, i.e. ligation with small rubber rings)

– Anal or perianal fissures (painful skin tears)

– Marisci (anal folds)

– Perianal thrombosis (rupture of a blood vessel at the anus with formation of blood clots)

– Anal abscesses

– Skin inflammation and skin changes in the anal area

– Perianal warts and tumors

– Anal and perianal itching


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