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July 19, 2023

Plasmage®: vaporizing wrinkles instead of operating on them

Plasmage wrinkle treatment
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Eye wrinkles are often associated with a cheerful disposition, as they are particularly visible when laughing. Nevertheless, they are also a sign of skin ageing and are perceived as unsightly and annoying by some people. There has been a great deal of progress in the field of wrinkle treatment, so that many treatments can now be carried out minimally invasively (without surgery). Injection treatments with Hyaluron and Botox® in particular have made a name for themselves. For the sensitive eye area, however, there is another gentle method that leads to a harmonious and smooth complexion: Plasmage®. The innovative process works with ionized plasma and ensures that the unwanted wrinkles virtually disappear. We will show you exactly what Plasmage® is all about and how we use it in practice.

Plasmage® – painless, uncomplicated and safe

Plasmage® treatment involves the use of a special pen that is applied to the skin of the affected area. The device generates atmospheric plasma near the skin by discharging electrical energy – but no current flows through the body. The formation of the plasma on the surface of the skin causes brief and intensive tissue heating. This sublimates the tissue, i.e. there is a direct transition from a solid to a gaseous aggregate state. In other words, you could say that the annoying unevenness is simply vaporized.

Deeper tissue such as the dermis is not damaged by this method. The plasma not only vaporizes the tissue, but also kills germs, which in turn has a positive effect on the healing process and minimizes the risk of infection, for example. The targeted removal of the upper tissue layer stimulates the formation of fresh collagen and new skin cells. This leads to a harmonious tightening of the skin and makes the annoying wrinkles gently disappear.

Treatment with Plasmage® is usually performed under local anesthesia and is virtually painless. Patients usually only feel a slight pulling or pricking sensation during the treatment, which can be tolerated well. The treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Patients can then return home without any major restrictions.

How long do the marks remain visible on the skin?

Immediately after the treatment, the precise points of plasma exposure are visible. They appear as darker dots. After one or two days, a slight scab may also form, which must not be scraped off. The scab usually comes off about five to six days after treatment. After a good week, there are usually hardly any traces of the treatment left. The skin may be pale pink for another two to three weeks, which shows the desired renewal process. You should only apply make-up to the skin areas once the fine wounds have completely healed.

Is Plasmage® only suitable for eye wrinkles?

No, Plasmage® is versatile. In addition to fine lines around the eyes and mouth, other facial wrinkles can also be treated. Plasmage® also enables eyelid lifting without surgery. The excess tissue is precisely removed with the plasma treatment and the area is harmoniously tightened in this way. Pigment spots, age spots, small scars (e.g. acne scars) and benign skin changes such as warts can also be treated with Plasmage®.

How long does the wrinkle smoothing last?

The effect of Plasmage® is very long-lasting. The smoothing and firming effect lasts for up to two years. If wrinkles or excess skin reappear that you find disturbing, the treatment can be repeated if desired.

Personal consultation on wrinkle treatment with Plasmage®

Plasmage® is a very effective and at the same time extremely gentle method for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. If you would like to find out more about the possibilities and procedure of this treatment, please contact us for an individual consultation in our practice. Dr. Kors(dermatologist Berlin) is an experienced specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine and will explain all the details to you. On the basis of a careful examination and analysis, he can tell you which treatment method is best suited to your wishes. Depending on the findings, Plasmage® treatment can also be combined with other procedures, such as wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid or with valuable cosmeceuticals such as skinbetter® or SkinCeuticals® .

You can make an appointment for a non-binding consultation with our team by telephone or you can use our online appointment scheduling .

last update: 19.07.2023

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