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October 10, 2019

Plasma treatment for a rejuvenated look

Plasmage eyelid lift BerlinSagging and drooping tissue on the upper eyelid is often an aesthetic burden for those affected. In some cases, drooping eyelids can also become a health problem. For these reasons, more and more women and men are opting for an upper eyelid lift. Surgery is not always necessary to correct the eyelids. Thanks to modern plasma treatments excess skin and sagging in the eye area can be removed in a gentle, minimally invasive way.

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Can drooping eyelids be congenital?

Drooping eyelids usually occur as a result of the natural ageing process. If the skin loses firmness and elasticity, wrinkles appear and individual areas sag. These changes can also be observed on the fine eyelid skin. For some people they start earlier, for others later. This depends, among other things, on external environmental influences (e.g. UV radiation, environmental toxins), personal lifestyle (e.g. diet, cigarette smoke), individual skin care and genetic disposition. It is also possible that the eyelids droop at a young age due to a predisposition and lead to a tired appearance.

Treating drooping eyelids: purely aesthetic motivation or medical necessity?

Patients usually opt for eyelid correction because drooping eyelids make them look older and more relaxed. The drooping tissue partially or completely covers the movable upper eyelid, making the eye appear smaller. Patients generally hope for a rejuvenated and more open look from an eyelid lift, which also appears friendlier and more vital. In addition to these aesthetic reasons for an eyelid correction, some people also consider an eyelid lift due to health problems. This is because the tissue above the eye can descend to such an extent that it covers the eye to such an extent that it restricts the field of vision. More rarely, drooping eyelids cause irritation and inflammation in the eye area.

How does an eyelid lift using plasma treatment work?

During the plasma treatment to tighten the eye area, the area in question is first marked, cleaned and disinfected. At our skin center in Berlin, we perform the treatment using the Plasmage® method. The special device is passed over the eyelids point by point. A local anesthetic ensures that the procedure is painless. The targeted plasma beam emitted by the device inflicts tiny micro wounds on the upper layer of the skin. In this way, the skin’s own regeneration process is stimulated. The plasma produced during the treatment sublimates the uppermost layers of the skin without damaging the dermis. It is practically vaporized without causing burns. In addition, germs are killed at the same time, which promotes rapid healing. The risk of scars or infections is reduced to a minimum.

How does eyelid surgery work?

During eyelid surgery, the plastic and aesthetic surgeon removes the excess skin and tissue using a scalpel. The fine incision is preferably made in the natural creases of the eyelid so that any later traces of the procedure are as invisible as possible. The remaining tissue as well as deeper structures and muscles are tightened. It may be necessary to remove some fatty tissue from the lower eyelid in particular in order to achieve a harmonious result. Finally, the surgeon sutures the treatment areas with fine, usually self-dissolving suture material. As a rule, local anesthesia is sufficient. However, depending on the findings and the patient’s wishes, the operation can also be performed in twilight sleep or under general anesthesia.

Surgery or Plasmage® – an individual decision

Which of the treatment methods is best suited to a specific case can be determined on the basis of a personal consultation and a detailed examination. Experience has shown that very good results can be achieved with Plasmage® treatment as long as there is no large excess skin and tissue. Surgical intervention is usually only necessary when the tissue is already severely sagging. In a personal consultation in our skin center, we will inform you individually about the possibilities of eyelid lifting.

Healing phase and risks of plasma treatment

Slight swelling and discoloration are not uncommon immediately after an eyelid lift with Plasmage®. The symptoms usually disappear within a few days. The body forms scabs in the treatment areas. After a week at the latest, it will fall off by itself. Patients should absolutely avoid removing the scab themselves, as this can have a negative effect on the healing process and the final result. Serious complications are not to be expected. Plasmage® treatment is comparatively gentle and low-risk, provided it is carried out by an experienced expert. After just a few days, patients are socially acceptable again. A longer recovery period is not usually necessary. The application of a nourishing ointment can also support the healing process. Patients should also ensure that they use appropriate sun protection.

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