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February 22, 2022

Natural moisture boost with hyaluronic acid

Moisturizing boost with hyaluronic acid
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To keep the skin soft, smooth, supple and elastic, it needs moisture, among other things. The largest moisturizer in the skin is hyaluronic acid as just one gram of it can bind up to six liters of water. The body produces hyaluronic acid itself. However, the natural production of hyaluronic acid slowly decreases with age, meaning that the deposits of hyaluronic acid and moisture in the skin also diminish. Various factors such as extreme cold or heat also affect the skin.

Particularly after winter, which affects the skin with cold winds, low-moisture outdoor air and dry heating air, so that it often becomes dry and irritated, special moisturizing care and targeted treatments with hyaluronic acid can be beneficial.

Home remedies for dry skin: what natural moisturizers are there?

There are various care options and home remedies for treating dry skin. Healthy skin not only looks good, it also feels better and has a positive effect on general well-being. Especially after winter, many women and men notice that their skin is irritated and stressed. Even simple rules of conduct and beauty routines can counteract this.

First of all, sufficient fluids should be consumed through food and drink. This may sound banal at first, but fluid intake is important for the optimal functioning of our body and also for the health and beauty of our skin. Make sure you drink enough water or unsweetened tea throughout the day. Unfortunately, hydration alone is not enough – the skin must also be supported in its ability to bind moisture. This is achieved, for example, by using moisturizing active ingredients. Avocado, for example, is a so-called superfood that helps to store more water in the connective tissue thanks to its numerous vitamins and healthy fats.

Oils that can contribute to a hydrated complexion by helping to bind water include coconut oil, argan oil and almond oil. They can be applied to the skin as an additive in creams or rich lotions, for example.

Furthermore, care should be taken to cleanse the skin in the morning and evening with clear water or gentle cleansing products and then support it with moisturizing and replenishing active ingredients. Stress should also be reduced through targeted relaxation and sufficient sleep – stress promotes skin ageing and inhibits the skin’s regeneration processes.

What is special about hyaluronic acid treatment?

As already mentioned, hyaluronic acid binds a large amount of moisture, which means that it supplies the skin perfectly. For this reason, it is a popular ingredient in numerous cosmetic and care products. In contrast to creams, lotions and serums, the advantage of hyaluronic acid injections is that the hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the skin. This allows them to develop their effect in precisely those areas where they are most urgently needed. The effects achieved with hyaluronic acid injections are therefore much greater than with the use of creams containing hyaluronic acid or similar products.

How does the treatment work?

Hyaluronic acid injections are performed on an outpatient basis and usually take a relatively short time. Dr. Kors uses a thin cannula to inject the hyaluronic acid into the desired areas. Depending on the findings and the desired result, different types of hyaluronic acid can be used: some are designed to be distributed over a wide area in the tissue and optimize hydration, while others are more suitable for achieving a targeted local increase in volume and providing fullness.

Immediately after treatment, patients can return home and go about their everyday lives. No major restrictions are to be expected. The only things to avoid for a short time are strenuous exercise, sauna, solarium and sunbathing.

Cosmeceuticals – highly effective substances for the skin

Cosmeceuticals, which we also offer in our practice, are another perfect way to build up the health and beauty of the skin in depth. Cosmeceuticals are preparations with highly effective substances whose concentration lies on the borderline between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As a result, they have a powerful effect and improve the skin’s structure and appearance in the long term.

You can find out more on our pages about skinbetter® and SkinCeuticals® .

How do I find the right doctor?

Hyaluronic acid injections are an effective, gentle and low-risk treatment method when carried out by an experienced and specially trained specialist. To reduce the risks to a minimum and achieve the desired beautiful and healthy results, you should definitely consult a doctor who has expertise in the treatment with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and the like.

Dr. Kors has been performing injection treatments with hyaluronic acid and Botox® for over 20 years and trains colleagues in this field. He is also a member of the DGBT (German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum and Filler Therapy). As an expert in the field of minimally invasive treatments with hyaluronic acid and Botox®, he will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the possibilities of these therapies. Simply make an individual appointment with our practice team at the Weißensee Skin Center. You can also use our online calendar is also available. We look forward to seeing you!

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