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April 18, 2023

Muscle building away from the gym – the modern StimSure® treatment

StimSure® muscle building
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A beautiful and toned body is the goal of many people. In addition to home training and outdoor sports, going to the gym is one of the most popular ways to get your body in shape. Even if not everyone is aiming for visible muscles, a strong musculature is an important basis for fitness and health. The innovative StimSure® method, which we also offer at our institute, provides targeted stimulation to build muscle without the need for sports or a gym. StimSure® is an ideal supplement to your own sports program to achieve results that are difficult to achieve with exercise alone. As muscles are also important for burning fat, StimSure® also supports the reduction of fatty tissue and the shaping of your figure to achieve your individual dream body.

How StimSure® works – body shaping without surgery

StimSure® is a procedure specially developed for muscle stimulation that is performed on an outpatient basis and without surgery. During application, the applicator is placed on the desired body area and fixed in place with a soft strap. The device generates an electromagnetic field that specifically targets the neurons in the muscles. This causes the muscles to contract (contract). The muscle exertion has a similar effect to natural muscle movement or training in the gym, but StimSure® provides more intensive stimulation of the muscles. A 20 to 30-minute session is equivalent to around 24,000 sit-ups. The muscles are strengthened in a targeted and optimal way – for a healthy and good-looking result.

How does a session with StimSure® in Berlin work?

The StimSure® treatment procedure is both uncomplicated and painless. During a detailed consultation, you will be informed in detail about the possibilities and how StimSure® works. Together with Dr. Kors, you will also determine which areas are to be treated and schedule the individual sessions.

On the day of treatment, the StimSure® device is placed on the discussed body part (usually the abdomen, buttocks or thighs) and attached. During the entire treatment, all you have to do is relax and let the device work for you. For a total of around 20 to 30 minutes per area, StimSure® generates an electromagnetic field that painlessly stimulates your muscle fibers and causes them to contract. The muscle fibers contract like during a physical workout. This encourages growth and the muscle fibers become larger and firmer.

Stronger muscles also mean higher energy consumption – even at rest. This has a positive effect on fat consumption, which means that unwanted fat deposits can be reduced more effectively for harmonious body shaping.

After the treatment session, you do not have to take any special measures or downtime into account. You can return home straight away and get on with your everyday life. As the muscles have been intensively trained by StimSure®, temporary muscle pain may occur, which is comparable to muscle soreness, but rarely actually occurs. With regular treatments and training, StimSure® also takes some getting used to, so that the sensation becomes less intense over time.

Frequency of treatment: booster and maintenance phases

As with conventional training, regularity is the key to optimum success with StimSure®. Initially, it is advisable to schedule sessions twice a week. This so-called booster phase usually lasts three to four weeks. Individual appointments are then made to maintain the results achieved.

Results and successes are already being achieved with every single session. The treatment can be individually adapted to your own person and other training plan. In order to find the best course of action, a detailed consultation is essential.

Combination treatment for the body: StimSure®, SculpSure® and injection lipolysis

StimSure® is a minimally invasive procedure and does not expose the body to any major stress. Therefore, there is usually no downtime or recovery time required after the session. At the same time, the procedure can be combined with other minimally invasive body contouring treatments if desired.

At our institute, we offer body contouring with SculpSure® WarmSculpting™ and treatment with injection lipolysis (fat-away injection). SculpSure® is an innovative and gentle laser procedure that works with gentle heat. The increase in temperature, which is induced directly in the tissue, literally melts unwanted fat deposits and at the same time produces a harmonious tightening effect. The fat-away injection is a special mixture of active ingredients that is injected into the treatment area and stimulates fat loss there. The unwanted fat cells are destroyed and removed by the body’s own processes.

We will be happy to discuss with you in a personal consultation whether a combination is suitable in your case!

After-baby body with StimSure® – how the treatment can help after pregnancy and childbirth

A treatment course with StimSure® can also be suitable for mothers who are not completely satisfied with their after-baby body and would like to optimize it. After pregnancy, disturbing changes such as sagging skin or fat deposits can remain despite a healthy diet and targeted training. The muscles are also strained during pregnancy and can slacken. With StimSure® it is possible to strengthen the muscles in a targeted manner and thus positively support shaping. As this procedure does not involve any chemicals or other stresses on the body, it is a gentle and safe method to promote the regression of pregnancy-related changes.

We also offer treatment with BTL Emsella® at our institute to build up or strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (e.g. after pregnancy). This innovative and non-invasive procedure strengthens the muscles in the pelvic floor and the entire core of the body. Depending on the condition and individual healing, treatment is possible around seven weeks after delivery. The two procedures StimSure® and BTL Emsella® can also be combined to achieve optimum results. Find out more about BTL Emsella® here!

If you would like to find out more about StimSure®, please contact us for a personal consultation at our Weißensee Skin Center. Of course, we will also inform you about other minimally invasive body contouring options and treatment with BTL Emsella®. You are welcome to use our online appointment system! We look forward to seeing you.

last update: 18.04.2023

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