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February 26, 2021

Modern eyelid lifting: the advantages of Plasmage®

Plasmage® Berlin
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Plasmage® is an innovative treatment option that effectively combats drooping eyelids and tired eyes. One of the major advantages of Plasmage® treatment is that it is minimally invasive. This means that an alert and youthful look can be achieved without surgery. Drooping eyelids are often a blemish. Both women and men feel inhibited by the sagging tissue, which makes the eye area look older and more stressed. Correcting the eyelids usually produces a visible rejuvenating effect, which often also boosts the patient’s self-confidence and body image. Are the results of treatment with Plasmage® comparable to those of eyelid surgery? What are the advantages of minimally invasive eyelid lifting?

How the Plasmage® treatment works

The eyelid lift is performed with a special Plasmage® device that resembles a pen. The fine end is placed on the corresponding skin areas, where it emits a focused plasma beam to the tissue. This creates a brief and intense heating effect on the skin, which vaporizes the upper skin layer. This means that no current flows through the body during the treatment – deeper tissue is neither affected nor damaged.

The excess tissue can be removed precisely and non-surgically step by step with Plasmage®. At the same time, the body’s own healing processes are stimulated, which, among other things, leads to the formation of new skin cells and fresh collagen. This slightly tightens and visually rejuvenates the area. The special feature of Plasmage® in contrast to other plasma devices is the fractionated energy output, which achieves additional collagen regeneration by applying the energy selectively to the tissue. As a result, new collagen is not only formed at the treatment points, but the surrounding undamaged tissue is also stimulated to initiate collagen formation processes.

The areas of application of Plasmage®

  • Non-surgical tightening of the upper and/or lower eyelids
  • Fine wrinkles in the eye area (e.g. crow’s feet)
  • “Smoker’s lines” on the lips
  • Pigment spots, age spots, sun damage
  • Acne scars
  • Accident and surgical scars
  • Benign skin changes (e.g. warts, fibromas)
  • Precision and natural results

    Another major advantage, apart from the fact that no invasive procedure is required, is the precision with which the treatment is carried out. The tissue that is perceived as unwanted is removed with millimeter precision by vaporizing the top layer of skin. The tightening effect is caused or enhanced by the stimulated connective tissue and collagen syntheses that occur in the following period. The treatment therefore works with the body’s own processes. It can take up to six months until the final result is achieved. The gradual change and rejuvenation have the advantage that they look extremely natural and therefore also lead to natural-looking results.

    Gentle and low-risk

    Another argument in favor of Plasmage® treatment is the high level of safety with which the procedure is carried out. The procedure is only slightly stressful for the body, so that no or little downtime is to be expected. During the treatment, germs are killed by the discharge of electrical energy and superficial vaporization. This supports and accelerates the healing process. As a rule, there are no scars, as the wounds heal quickly and without complications. Experience has shown that the risks or discomfort after treatment are minimal. There may be slight redness or temporary swelling. In addition, a scab forms on the treated areas in the first few days, which falls off again on its own. Infections and bleeding rarely occur when used professionally.

    Can Plasmage® be combined with other treatments?

    The minimally invasive method can be easily combined with other procedures. These include, among others hyaluronic acid so-called skin boosters or cosmeceuticals such as skinbetter® or SkinCeuticals® . Dr. Kors examines whether a combination of different methods is suitable in a personal consultation – because here too, every patient is individual.

    How long do the effects last?

    Ageing processes can be slowed down with the help of Plasmage®. Which results are possible and how long the effects last can vary from person to person. Factors such as age, lifestyle, skin type and metabolism influence the results. The respective treatment zone also plays a role. The results of an eyelid lift with Plasmage® usually last for around two years.

    Can the treatment be repeated?

    A treatment with Plasmage® usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. The results are comparatively long-lasting at around two years, but not permanent as with eyelid surgery. If desired, the treatment can be repeated as soon as sagging and annoying wrinkles reappear.

    Conclusion on treatment with Plasmage®

    The Plasmage® procedure is a natural and effective alternative to eyelid lift surgery. It is gentler, low-risk and achieves quick results without major downtime or scars. However, it should be noted that surgery may be advisable as an effective treatment method, especially for larger excess skin. In addition, the results diminish again after around two years, meaning that further procedures or repeat procedures are necessary for lasting results.

    Whether an eyelid lift can be achieved using a non-invasive method such as Plasmage® is examined by the doctor during a personal consultation. Please contact us for an appointment!

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