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October 12, 2023

Modern body contouring without surgery – these are the possibilities

Body contouring with StimSure®
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The human body is designed for movement. Daily sport and physical activity ensure that cells and organs are supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. It also stimulates and strengthens the muscles, which is very important for the development and health of the body. Exercise also prevents obesity and various diseases.

Many people today are trying to integrate sport into their everyday lives. As every day is different, this is not always easy to achieve. And the desired results do not always materialize. Treatment with StimSure® is an effective and simple addition to a healthy and active lifestyle. Targeted contractions train the muscles 100 percent and stimulate fat burning – the perfect treatment for body contouring without surgery.

What is body contouring?

In aesthetic medicine, body contouring refers to the optimization of the body silhouette. This usually involves a combination of liposuction and skin tightening in order to achieve a harmonious desired figure. But non-surgical procedures can also be counted as body contouring, such as radio frequency treatments or body shaping through sport and targeted muscle building or firming training.

It is not always possible to shape your dream body through sport alone. Despite discipline, a healthy diet and appropriate training, stubborn fat cells can remain as so-called problem areas. StimSure® makes it possible to train the entire musculature. An application of approx. 20 to 30 minutes causes more than 20,000 muscle contractions, which corresponds to a high-intensity workout without physical exhaustion. This cannot be achieved with conventional training sessions.

A look at treatment with StimSure®

StimSure® is an innovative device that works with electromagnetic stimulation. It has a paddle-shaped applicator that is placed on the desired area of the body and held in position with a soft strap. Depending on the findings and the desired result, one or two applicators can be used per session.

An electromagnetic field is generated in the applicator during the treatment. No current flows through the body itself, but the highly concentrated field stimulates the desired muscles in this area. The muscle fibers contract strongly again and again, which leads to growth and strengthening of the muscle over time and with repeated use. The frequency ranges can be individually adjusted during the treatment so that the training can be specifically adapted.

For which areas is StimSure® suitable?

StimSure® is particularly suitable for strengthening and toning the abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscles. Strengthening the muscles improves not only muscle tone but also endurance, individual performance and often also posture. In addition, strong muscles burn excess fat in the body, which has a positive effect on the figure.

Without exercise, the metabolism slows down

The body changes. With increasing age, more and more muscle tissue is converted into fatty tissue. Between one and ten percent of muscles can be lost each year. Sport is an important part of actively counteracting this and supporting the body’s health. StimSure® can also strengthen the muscles and inhibit the transformation into fatty tissue.

The small “fat burners” in the muscle cells are called mitochondria – the power plants of the cells. The body’s energy production takes place in them by converting fats and carbohydrates into energy. Every single muscle cell contains them, which improves metabolism and fat burning by building muscle.

StimSure® in combination with SculpSure® WarmSculpting™

SculpSure® WarmSculpting™ is another way to reduce unwanted fatty tissue. This modern and innovative treatment emits light-based energy that is absorbed by the cells in the deeper tissue layers. This leads to an increase in temperature in the tissue, which specifically damages the fat cells and stimulates collagen synthesis. The destroyed fat cells are then broken down by the body’s own processes over the following weeks. The formation of new collagen provides an additional firming effect.

In combination with StimSure®, comprehensive body contouring consisting of intensive muscle building, fat reduction and harmonious skin tightening can be achieved – without the need for surgery.

last update: 12.10.2023

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