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September 4, 2020

Melting away fat cells – is it that easy?

The WarmSculpting™ treatment with SculpSure®

Unwelcome fat deposits are a nuisance for many people. Despite sporting efforts, stubborn fat deposits often cannot be reduced. For a long time, the only solution for effective and harmonious body shaping was considered to be surgical liposuction, in which the relevant fat cells are removed from the body using a thin cannula. Nowadays there are various treatment options, some of which are carried out without any surgery or incisions. These procedures also include WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® . It aims to remove fat cells that are perceived as unwanted through targeted heat. Can fat pads simply “melt away” like that?

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The principle behind WarmSculpting™

The SculpSure® device is a so-called diode laser that emits energy into the tissue at a wavelength of 1060 nm. This causes a rise in temperature in the tissue. Overall, the tissue heats up to around 42 to 47 degrees Celsius within four to five minutes. This temperature is maintained in the tissue for a further 20 minutes. This is enough to induce apoptosis in the unwanted fat cells. This is a form of programmed cell death. The destroyed cells can then be removed and absorbed by the body’s own processes. In this way, the unwanted fat deposits are removed from the body.

An additional side effect of the treatment is the harmonious tightening of the area. The effect of the heat causes the connective tissue to contract. It also stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. These two structural proteins improve skin firmness.

How long does the treatment take?

SculpSure® WarmSculpting™ is considered a lunchtime treatment. The treatment only takes 25 minutes in total. As a rule, no restrictions are to be expected afterwards, so that patients can immediately return to work or pursue their other activities.

Is one treatment enough?

Good results can usually be seen after just one application. However, how the body reacts to the treatment varies from person to person. The different areas of the body do not react identically either. It is therefore not possible to say in advance exactly how many treatments will ultimately be required to achieve the desired result. Experience has shown that we recommend two treatment sessions per area at intervals of six to eight weeks.

When will the results show and will they stay?

The destroyed fat cells are broken down by the body. This natural process takes a few weeks before it is complete. The final result of the treatment can therefore be assessed after twelve weeks at the earliest. As the fat cells cannot regenerate again after apoptosis, the results are permanent. However, patients should continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle to positively support the results and overall health of the body. This is because the remaining fat cells can continue to increase in volume and change in appearance.

What are the advantages of WarmSculpting™ over liposuction?

If patients opt for a WarmSculpting™ treatment, the body contours can be shaped without surgery. Neither skin incisions nor anesthesia are necessary. In addition, the areas are not only slimmed down, but also tightened at the same time by the effect of the heat. In contrast to liposuction, the treatment, downtime and recovery times are significantly shorter with WarmSculpting™. It is also not necessary to wear a compression bodice. Fat reduction is therefore comparatively gentle and low-risk.

Are there any disadvantages?

WarmSculpting™ has few unpleasant side effects, such as temporary faint lumps in the tissue, which disappear again after a short time. In general, however, symptoms occur very rarely and to a lesser extent. In a few patients, the treatment does not work as desired, so unfortunately the desired result cannot be achieved. This unpredictability of results can be seen as a disadvantage compared to surgical liposuction, which can be planned and performed in a relatively safe and targeted manner. In general, however, the advantages outweigh the minor disadvantages.

More about treatment in our practice Dr. Kors

Would you like more information about WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure®? Our experts will be happy to assist you in a personal consultation at our practice and explain the minimally invasive treatment method to you in detail. Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail – or book directly online via our online booking system .

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