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Tattoo removal Berlin – treatment with modern laser technology

For many women and men, tattoos are part of the individual ideal of beauty and represent attractive body jewelry. Over time, various reasons can lead to people no longer liking the artistic images on their skin. Removing the black or even very colorful accents is no easy task. With the help of modern laser technology, however, it is possible to remove tattoos in a particularly gentle way without the need for surgery. For tattoo removal in Berlin, we use the Revlite® SI with nanosecond technology, which works with a gentle process and achieves scar-free results.

Reasons for tattoo removal in Berlin

The motivation to have a tattoo removed varies from person to person. Sometimes life circumstances change and body jewelry just doesn’t fit in anymore. In some cases, people no longer find the tattoo beautiful after a few years or want their skin to look natural again. There are also cases where the result is unaesthetic due to a lack of knowledge or practice on the part of the tattoo artist. Lines that are too thick or motifs that are not attractively realized are a great burden for those affected, which they do not want to wear permanently on their skin. In addition, tattoos can fade over time if they are not professionally engraved and create an unpleasant appearance.

Tattoo removal Berlin: What should I bear in mind?

When removing a tattoo by laser, it is not possible to say in advance exactly how fast and successful the treatment will be. Various factors influence how long it takes to remove the tattoo. Treating sophisticated and very color-intensive tattoos requires a correspondingly high level of effort. Experience has also shown that it is comparatively difficult to remove tattoos that have not been applied evenly and are often due to a lack of experience and professionalism. In the case of tattoos that were not created by experts, it is possible that remnants of the original motif can still be seen after tattoo removal. Patients should note that there is no guarantee that the tattoo – even if it has been engraved by a professional – will be completely removed and will no longer be visible after the treatment.

Before treatment – the personal consultation in Berlin

First of all, Dr. Christian Kors will advise you in detail about the possibilities and the procedure of laser tattoo removal. During this consultation, we will create the right treatment concept for you. We will also explain to you what you need to consider before, during and after the treatment in order to achieve a satisfactory result and rule out avoidable complications and side effects. We will discuss the possible prospects of success with you and of course inform you about the risks of the laser method. You can also tell us about your wishes, concerns and fears during the confidential consultation.

Laser tattoo removal – the treatment procedure in Berlin

Treatment with the Revlite® SI laser takes place on an outpatient basis and in several sessions. The laser light that the device emits into the tissue has four different wavelengths. This allows the different colors to be treated in a targeted manner. The intense laser light causes the color pigments under the skin to “shatter”. They are then removed naturally by the body and finally excreted. This process takes some time. In addition, the skin and body are given sufficient time to recover between treatments. There are at least four to six weeks between the individual sessions.

The laser treatment usually takes at least 30 minutes per session. To protect your eyes, you will wear special glasses during laser therapy. To make the treatment as painless and pleasant as possible, we usually apply an anesthetic cream to the areas to be treated beforehand (depending on the size of the tattoo).

Aftercare instructions and rest

Laser tattoo removal is not associated with any downtime. This means that patients can leave the practice in Berlin immediately after treatment. A slight scab may form on the skin as a result of the laser therapy. This should not be removed, but it is advisable to wait until it loosens on its own. If possible, the skin should not be irritated after the treatment. It is recommended to use gentle care and hygiene products and to protect the regions from direct sunlight for at least 4 weeks.

Tattoo removal Berlin: How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatment sessions required for removal depends on various factors. This includes the size and variety of colors of the tattoo as well as the amount of color applied. In addition, every body reacts differently to laser therapy. At least six treatments are often necessary.

Costs for tattoo removal in Berlin

The cost of tattoo removal also depends on the size, color and quality of the tattoo. Depending on how many treatment sessions are required, the costs vary from patient to patient. As part of the personal consultation, the doctor will be happy to provide information about the expected costs – however, it is not possible to set a general price.

Possible risks of tattoo removal with laser

The complication rates and risks associated with laser treatment are relatively low. Immediately after the procedure by Dr. Christian Kors, swelling and redness are to be expected. Slight pain or pulling on the skin is also possible. Incrustations can also form over time. Experience has shown that these complaints subside on their own within a short time. To avoid the risk of infection as much as possible, swimming pools and saunas should be avoided during the treatment period. Interactions can occur when taking some medications, for example with certain antibiotics or antidepressants. During your individual consultation at the Weissensee Skin Center in Berlin, let us know what medication you are taking so that we can take this into account and inform you accordingly.


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