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Permanent hair removal in Berlin – permanently smooth and gently depilated skin

Human body hair increases the surface area of the body. For example, it helps to regulate the temperature in the armpit area by allowing perspiration to spread better. In other parts of the body, such as the genital area, it performs an important protective function. Apart from these essential tasks, however, body hair is often perceived as unpleasant and unaesthetic. Shaving can effectively shorten the hair, but this process must be repeated regularly for lasting results. Shaving can also lead to skin irritation such as redness and small pimples. Modern laser treatment offers an alternative for permanent hair removal.


Reasons for permanent hair removal

Hair removal is primarily carried out for aesthetic reasons and is therefore subject to very individual motivations. If people find their body hair annoying and unsightly, laser therapy can offer a permanent solution. Excessive hair growth can have genetic or medical causes. Hair can also grow in and cause pain and inflammation.


For many people, the smooth and soft skin that results from shaving or epilation is one of the main reasons for opting for laser hair removal. For the majority of patients, the treatment and the results of the treatment increase the body’s own well-being and self-confidence. Saving time is also one of the advantages of permanent hair removal. The skin is also easier to care for, as redness, itching and pimples, which are often the result of shaving, no longer occur. There are also no skin injuries such as cuts and pain.


Preparation for laser therapy

The hair to be removed should not be plucked or waxed for around three weeks before the treatment. Shaving, on the other hand, is fine and must be done shortly before the treatment. In addition, the treatment areas should not be exposed to intensive sun or UV radiation. Conventional hair removal lasers are most effective on light to light brown skin. The treatment is particularly effective with the combination of dark hair and light skin.

Of course, a personal consultation will also take place in the practice beforehand. During this consultation, patients can tell the expert exactly what they find annoying. The doctor then determines the treatment plan, informs the patient about the procedure and any risks, and answers the patient’s questions. The patient is also given comprehensive information about the expected costs, preparation and aftercare.


Which areas can be treated?

Dermatologist Dr. Christian Kors Berlin Skin cancer screeningIn our practice, we perform hair removal with the LightSheer® laser system. The most common treatment areas include the legs, armpits and genital area – and often the back in men. Many women find dark hairs around the mouth unsightly and want a permanent solution for this problem area. Furthermore, a very hairy chest area as well as the arms or abdomen can also be treated with laser technology.



Procedure for laser hair removal treatment

Modern 805 nm diode laser technology is used for hair removal with LightSheer®. High-energy light pulses are emitted into the skin via a handpiece. This allows the energy beam to be delivered precisely to the target tissue while sparing the surrounding tissue. An integrated cooling system also ensures that there are no burns on the surface of the skin during the treatment and that the treatment is comfortable. In addition, the area is pre- and post-cooled and cooled ultrasound gel is applied for the duration of the treatment.

For optimum results, several treatment sessions are necessary until all unwanted hair in the respective area has been removed. The number of treatments and the respective duration also depend on the size of the area. A few minutes are often sufficient for hair removal on the upper lip, while treatment on the legs can take up to an hour or longer.


How the laser treatment works

The LightSheer® laser from Lumenis emits high-energy light pulses directly into the hair root. There, the dark pigment (melanin), which is found in the hair follicles, absorbs the energy and converts it into heat. The short, intense heat development ensures that the hair roots are permanently destroyed and the hair that was in the growth phase falls out.


Is anesthesia required?

Laser hair removal is particularly gentle and painless. Additional anesthesia is usually not required. If desired, an anesthetic cream can be applied, especially in very sensitive areas. The heat development can be felt more or less intensely depending on the sensitivity of the area. However, the system’s integrated cooling system ensures that there is little or no pain.


What should I look out for after the treatment?

There is no downtime after hair removal, so patients can go home straight away. The treatment areas should not be exposed to direct sunlight for about four weeks. If exposure to the sun cannot be avoided, appropriate sun protection should be applied. If small swellings occur immediately after hair removal, these can be carefully cooled if necessary. Perfumed care products should be avoided in the treatment areas for the time being to prevent skin irritation. However, patients can shower or bathe without any problems using clear water and mild soaps.


Are there any risks associated with hair removal?

Laser hair removal is particularly gentle and low-risk. After treatment, the areas may be slightly reddened or swollen. This discomfort subsides on its own after a short time. Itching occurs very rarely. Complications such as burns or injuries are usually due to untrained use. In our practice, permanent laser hair removal is carried out exclusively by our specially trained and experienced specialist staff. This reduces the risks to a minimum.


Further information and professional advice from Dr. Kors

Are you bothered by your body hair and looking for a gentle yet permanent solution? We would be happy to advise you in detail about the possibilities of hair removal using laser technology at our Weißensee dermatology practice. We will design the most suitable treatment plan for you in a personal consultation. You can easily make an appointment for a non-binding consultation with our practice team.


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