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December 23, 2019

Is there a suitable time for liposuction?

Liposuction without surgery in BerlinHarmonious body contours are the aspiration of many women and men. A slim and athletic body is often considered the ideal of beauty. However, despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, it is not uncommon for unpleasant problem areas to remain on the body. If the fat deposits cannot be reduced with targeted training or a change in diet, aesthetic treatments can help to achieve the individual dream figure. Surgical intervention is not always necessary, as there are also methods for Liposuction without surgery . In the following article, you can find out what advantages these procedures have over conventional liposuction, whether there are any disadvantages and when the right time for liposuction is.

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Injection lipolysis and SculpSure® compared to surgery

A flat stomach, fewer love handles, a narrow chin – for many people, stubborn fat deposits that cannot be reduced with conventional measures are very frustrating. However, a surgical procedure such as liposuction is not an option for everyone. Despite having an experienced practitioner, the procedure can be associated with risks and long downtimes.

Minimally invasive body contouring procedures are an attractive alternative. They are performed without a surgical procedure and do not require general anesthesia. With injection lipolysis (“fat-away injection”) a specific active ingredient that stimulates the breakdown of fat is injected into the area to be treated. The fat cells that are perceived as unwanted are then removed from the body naturally. The so-called fat-away laser SculpSure® also enables slimmer and firmer body parts without surgery. Through the targeted use of heat, the fat cells are literally melted and also absorbed or eliminated by the body. The treatment also slightly tightens the area.

Compared to surgical liposuction, minimally invasive procedures are significantly less risky and gentler. In addition, treatment times are shorter and there is no or very little downtime. Although these gentle procedures cannot fully replace surgery, they are an effective alternative, especially for small, easily localized fat deposits.

Why do patients often prefer the period from fall to spring for liposuction?

It is often thoughts of warm summer days in breezy clothes or the anticipation of an upcoming beach vacation that awaken the desire for a harmonious body. This is because unpleasant problem areas are particularly visible in light clothing. The cooler months of the year are often popular when planning liposuction surgery. If patients have liposuction performed in the fall, winter or spring, the body has time to recover from the stresses and strains of the procedure. In the following summer season, patients are usually fit again and can show off their new and slim body shapes.

In addition, aftercare measures include wearing compression garments for around six weeks. In the cooler months, the additional, tight-fitting fabric is usually more comfortable than in the warmer months. Compression clothing can also be better hidden and concealed under winter clothing.

Rest periods and initial results of liposuction without surgery

It is not only in the case of liposuction surgery that patients should be prepared for the fact that it will take some time before the results are visible and can be revealed. Although experience shows that long periods of rest or wearing compression garments are not necessary after treatments such as injection lipolysis or the SculpSure® application, it does take a few weeks before the results can be seen. The reason for this is that the body must first remove the affected or destroyed fat cells. This can take up to 12 weeks. In addition, some patients require several treatment sessions to achieve optimal results. For this reason, minimally invasive procedures should also be targeted a few months before the summer if the harmonious figure is to be presentable in time for the bathing season.

Patients should also be aware that even minimally invasive treatments can lead to slight discomfort such as swelling, redness, bruising, itching and tenderness, which may make a short period of rest and recovery advisable. Patients should avoid intensive sunbathing for four weeks after SculpSure® treatment.

Liposuction in summer – is that also possible?

There are a few reasons to have liposuction in the fall to spring. For minimally invasive body contouring, there are also advantages to scheduling the treatment period in the cooler, less sun-intensive season. In principle, however, there is nothing to be said against having the procedure carried out in summer. If patients follow the respective aftercare instructions, treatment in the summer months is just as unproblematic as at any other time of the year. In a personal consultation with the experienced expert, patients plan the treatment individually and determine the appropriate time for the procedure together with the doctor.

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