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January 31, 2024

How does hyaluronic acid work against wrinkles?

Hyaluronic acid against wrinkles
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Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in the anti-aging field. It is contained in many anti-wrinkle creams, gels and serums and promises a smoothing and plumping effect. Filler treatments with hyaluronic acid, in which the active ingredient is injected directly into or under the skin, are also popular. What positive properties does hyaluronic acid actually have for the skin? What should you look out for in a hyaluronic acid treatment ? We will be happy to inform you!

Review: What is hyaluronic acid?

We have already discussed what hyaluronic acid is in our blog(Hyaluronic acid Berlin). Nevertheless, we would like to provide a brief overview of the active ingredient in this article.

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is produced by the body itself. It is found in the synovial fluid and connective tissue, among other things. The name hyaluron is derived from the Greek word “hyalos”, which means “glass”, “transparent” or “glassy”. In fact, hyaluronic acid was first detected in the vitreous body of the eye in 1934.

Hyaluronic acid is transparent, odorless and liquid to gel-like. One gram of hyaluronic acid can bind around 6000 times the amount of water. As a result, the substance has a very good plumping effect and improves the hydration of the tissue.

What tasks does hyaluronic acid perform in the body?

Hyaluronic acid has various functions in the human body, which we would like to briefly outline here.

Water reservoir
As already mentioned, hyaluronic acid binds large amounts of water. In various areas of the body, it supplies tissue, cells, muscles and tendons with moisture and is even able to neutralize free radicals. Especially in the connective tissue and skin, hyaluronic acid provides stability and elasticity by storing water between the cells, making the skin smooth and supple. It also fills the vitreous body of the eye and thus enables the typical shape of the eyeball. The clear liquid allows the light to penetrate to the retina, where the image is created for us.

Lubricants and shock absorbers
Hyaluronic acid is a component of synovial fluid. With its viscous consistency, it forms a lubricating layer that adheres to the joint bodies. A special feature of hyaluronic acid is its so-called structural viscosity: the gel changes with the forces acting on it, i.e. it becomes more fluid when large forces are applied. As a result, the joints are optimally protected and cushioned when jumping, for example, while the lubricating function of the gel-like substance is more important when walking.

Partner in various metabolic processes
Hyaluronic acid also supports the free exchange of various cells and substances in the body. This makes it an important component of various metabolic processes. Cell division and cell migration would also not be possible without hyaluronic acid in the form in which they take place.

Signal transmitters in the brain
Hyaluronic acid also plays an important role in the ground substance outside the cells of the brain. There it supports the cells both structurally and in the signal transmission of stimuli.

How is hyaluronic acid produced?

Hyaluronic acid has been used in cosmetics since the 1980s. Initially, it was obtained from animal sources, more precisely from cockscombs. Since the end of the 1990s, hyaluronic acid has mainly been produced biotechnologically by fermenting proteins from yeast with the help of bacteria.

Synthetically produced hyaluronic acid is very similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. This allows it to develop the same positive properties and is also very well tolerated. While allergic reactions could occasionally occur with hyaluronic acid of animal origin, the risk is reduced to a minimum with “vegetarian hyaluronic acid ” – as it is often referred to.

Are creams sufficient or is a hyaluronic acid injection advisable?

Creams and care lotions containing hyaluronic acid can certainly support the skin. However, the effects are usually not as strong as advertised. They are generally not enough to make wrinkles disappear. However, depending on the hyaluronic acid they contain (long-chain or short-chain), they can improve moisturization and the individual skin feel.

Injections with hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, are injected directly into the tissue, where they can take full effect. The doctor uses targeted deposits of hyaluronic acid to harmoniously plump up the tissue from within, smoothing wrinkles, sculpting volume and gently contouring individual areas. The lips can also be gently enlarged with hyaluronic acid. Injections with hyaluronic acid are therefore usually the right choice for a visible effect.

Treatments with hyaluronic acid should only be carried out by a specialist!

It is important that you only have your hyaluronic acid treatment carried out by an experienced and specially trained doctor. This is the only way to avoid failures and serious health risks. Pay attention to the doctor’s qualifications and seek detailed advice.

Dr. Kors has been working in the field of aesthetics for more than 20 years and is himself a trainer for doctors in aesthetics. With his expertise, he will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of hyaluronic fillers. He is also listed as an expert on the website of the German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum and Filler Therapy e. V. (DGBT) listed.

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