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December 28, 2023

Botox® for him – popular treatment for men

Botox® for men l Dr. Kors
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Deep wrinkles that make the face look tired and serious are not only a cosmetic problem for many women. Certain age-related changes can also have a negative impact on the appearance of men. But the modern man does not have to put up with this. With the help of Botox® it is possible to reduce unpleasant expression lines. Contours can also be created to emphasize masculine facial features. As an experienced specialist in aesthetic treatments, Dr. Kors knows exactly how to achieve effective results with minor procedures to give you a youthful, active appearance with striking contours.

Dynamic wrinkles due to age, lifestyle and stress

Wrinkles and loss of contour are a natural consequence of the ageing process, which starts earlier for some people and later for others. The first little wrinkles, such as the laugh lines around the mouth and eyes, can look very appealing and symbolize maturity and charisma. However, if the wrinkles deepen over time, they often become annoying. Movements (frowning, raising eyebrows) can cause deeper wrinkles, especially in the forehead area.

Expression lines become visible at first, especially when the corresponding muscles are tensed. Over time, the skin’s elasticity decreases so that wrinkles become visible even when the skin is relaxed. They often make the face appear older and more relaxed.

In addition to genetic predisposition, muscle movement and the simultaneous loss of skin elasticity, UV radiation, lifestyle and possible illnesses also have an influence on the appearance of the skin and skin ageing. An unhealthy diet, too much and unprotected sunbathing, lack of sleep and stress can all contribute to faster skin ageing and the formation of wrinkles. Although the ageing process can be slowed down with targeted skin care and a healthy lifestyle, it cannot be stopped completely despite all measures.

The effect of Botox®

Treatment with botulinum toxin type A can be used to reduce dynamic or mimic wrinkles. The active ingredient is also known as Botox® for short. Botox® is a so-called muscle relaxant that ensures that the muscles can no longer contract. As a result, the overlying skin is no longer “wrinkled”, but is also relaxed and smoothed.

How does it work? Botulinum toxin inhibits the release of a specific messenger substance in the body: acetylcholine. Among other things, this messenger substance is responsible for transmitting stimuli from the nerves to the muscles. If it is missing, the corresponding muscle does not receive the information to contract, but remains relaxed.

In medicine, Botox® is used in low doses and diluted. It is therefore safe and low-risk when used correctly. It is important that you consult a qualified expert who is trained and experienced in treatment with Botox®. You can find suitable specialists in your area via the DGBT (German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum and Filler Therapy) list of experts.

What happens during Botox® treatment for men

Treatment with Botox® is carried out by injection. The active ingredient is injected into the area to be treated using a fine cannula. Experienced specialists such as Dr. Kors know the injection points and dosages precisely, so that a harmonious result is achieved without functional restrictions or “rigid facial expressions”. The injection usually only takes a few minutes and is carried out on an outpatient basis. The areas are locally anesthetized beforehand so that there is hardly any pain during the treatment.

The use of Botox® in men can be used on the one hand for the targeted reduction of disturbing wrinkles, and on the other hand to create masculine facial contours. For example, eyebrows, chin and jawbones can be optically influenced. In addition to Botox®, hyaluronic acid can also be used. It helps to fill in deep wrinkles and also to emphasize or correct contours.

A precise analysis of the face and individual proportions is important in order to achieve natural-looking results that give as little indication as possible of an aesthetic treatment. Dr. Kors creates an individual concept for each patient, taking into account their particular characteristics and wishes.

What should be considered after the treatment (e.g. sport)?

You should take it easy after a Botox® treatment, but this does not mean that you have to expect longer downtimes. As a rule, you will be socially acceptable again immediately after the injection. Depending on how your body reacts to the treatment, there may be some temporary redness or bruising. However, these disappear within a few days.

Sports activities can be resumed immediately. Only massages in the treatment area should be avoided for a few days.

The effect of Botox® sets in gradually and reaches its peak after one to two weeks. The body then slowly breaks down the botulinum toxin.

Attractive and masculine profile with Botox® – we will be happy to inform you

Would you like to find out more about how Botox® can help you achieve a youthful, active and attractive appearance? Dr. Kors will be happy to provide you with all the details and discuss the right treatment concept for you. Simply arrange a non-binding consultation appointment via our online appointment system or give us a call!

last update: 28.12.2023

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