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PRP treatment Berlin – autologous blood therapy for a young, fresh complexion and hair root treatment


Over time, the body’s natural supply and production of structural proteins such as hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases. This causes the tissue and skin to slacken, which can lead to wrinkles and volume deficits as well as sagging areas. These changes often become visible at an early stage, particularly on the face, neck and décolleté. They quickly make the areas look aged and tired. A modern way of aesthetic medicine to counteract these processes and make the skin appear fresh again is so-called PRP therapy (“platelet-rich plasma”). By applying or injecting the patient’s own blood, the body’s own processes are set in motion, which replenish the depots of firming substances such as collagen. The treatment also supports cell regeneration. In addition to wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation, hair root treatment is also one of the applications of autologous blood therapy.


What is PRP?

The abbreviation PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma”. PRP is obtained from a small amount of blood taken from the patient. The doctor separates the platelets (thrombocytes) from the remaining blood components using a special preparation process. PRP therefore contains particularly large quantities of platelets, growth factors and proteins. Depending on the treatment technique, the PRP is injected, applied or massaged into the skin, tissue, muscles or hair roots and triggers new formation and regeneration processes. In aesthetic medicine, PRP therapy is also known as the Vampire Lift.


Advantages of autologous blood therapy

  1. Outpatient treatment without surgery
  2. Short treatment duration
  3. Gentle skin rejuvenation
  4. Natural results
  5. Use of the body’s own material
  6. Rejection reactions and incompatibilities are theoretically ruled out
  7. Low-risk and low-pain treatment
  8. No scars
  9. No or very little downtime
  10. No costly aftercare


PRP for wrinkle treatment

Autologous blood therapy has a wide range of applications. One of these is the treatment of unwelcome wrinkles. The doctor applies the concentrated blood plasma to the skin areas or injects it directly under the skin. There it stimulates cell renewal, cell regeneration and the production of collagen. Over time, the skin becomes firmer and looks significantly younger and fresher. The annoying wrinkles are smoothed out. In addition, the newly formed cells create a beautiful and radiant complexion. The treatment usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. The areas are locally anesthetized during the vampire lift (anesthetic gel). Depending on the indication, it may be advisable to combine PRP therapy with microneedling, for example, in order to optimally deliver the autologous blood to the skin. Autologous blood therapy is an attractive alternative to other treatments such as hyaluronic acid injections or Botox® treatment using the body’s own materials.


PRP against hair loss

Skin Center Berlin | PRP TherapyPRP can be used specifically for thinning hair. Here too, the doctor takes a small amount of blood from the patient and prepares it specially. He then injects the preparation into the scalp and thus directly into the hair root. The growth factors and stem cells in PRP stimulate cell renewal in the hair root, making it stronger and thicker. PRP also stimulates the blood circulation of young hair and regenerates dying hair roots. In this way, the therapy slows down hair loss and at the same time supports the growth of new hair. The treatment takes about 45 to 60 minutes and is usually performed without local anesthesia.


PRP for the correction of scars

Scars (including acne scars, but also stretch marks and stretch marks caused by pregnancy) can also be treated with autologous blood. By stimulating the formation of new cells, PRP helps to fade scars. We usually combine PRP therapy with microneedling to achieve optimal results. The result of a scar treatment with autologous blood is in many cases permanent, as the scar cannot form again (without appropriate influences).


What needs to be considered after treatment with autologous blood?

Immediately after the autologous blood therapy, patients can leave the practice again and go about their normal daily lives without any major restrictions. In some cases, slight redness or swelling may occur. Therefore, at best, no important appointments or events should be scheduled for one to two days after treatment. Experience has shown that patients are fully socially acceptable again after two days. You will receive a special cream from us for skin care. The treated areas should be protected from direct sunlight or with a high sun protection factor for around four weeks.


Are there any risks associated with PRP therapy?

Autologous blood therapy is a very gentle and low-risk method for beautifying the skin and strengthening the hair. Since the body’s own material is used, unpleasant reactions such as allergies are practically impossible. The application of the local anesthetic cream also means that the treatment is painless. After a vampire lift, there may be slight side effects such as redness, swelling or minor bruising, which will subside within a few days. The risk of infection is extremely low with an experienced doctor like Dr. Kors.


Treatments with autologous blood in Berlin – with your experts at the dermatology practice Dr. Kors

At our dermatology practice in Berlin-Weißensee, we specialize in the gentle methods of aesthetic medicine. We offer PRP therapy both as a stand-alone treatment and as a combination procedure with hyaluronic acid injections, microneedling or deep cleansing with Hydra-Facial™. Using a deep skin analysis with VISIA Gen7, we can determine exactly what your skin needs. We also use PRP therapy to treat thinning hair and to correct scars. We would be happy to explain to you in a personal consultation in our practice what options PRP therapy has to offer you. You can make an appointment by telephone on 030 34 34 70 70, by e-mail or via our contact form.



Further information and frequently asked questions about PRP treatment


How long does the PRP treatment take?

The duration of PRP therapy depends on the area of application, the initial situation and the desired result. It must also be taken into account that the doctor must first prepare the required blood concentrate. A treatment usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. In addition, it is necessary for the treatment to be repeated and refreshed at regular intervals to ensure a lasting effect. We analyze and discuss the intervals with you individually. Experience has shown that three treatments take place at intervals of four weeks. Subsequently, regular refreshing once or twice a year is recommended.


When are the results visible?

The first results can be seen shortly after the treatment. The rejuvenating and firming effect sets in gradually, as the body first has to build up the collagen and new cells. This leads to a natural and lasting improvement in the skin’s structure.


How long do the results last?

This varies from person to person. PRP usually has a lasting effect on skin quality. It makes them appear softer and fresher and counteracts a coarse-pored texture. Refreshing every six months is advisable to continuously support the skin and maintain the effect. The results of scar treatment with autologous blood are usually permanent.


What does a PRP treatment cost?

The cost of an autologous blood treatment depends on the type of therapy and the size of the treatment area. The combination with other treatment options also has an impact on the price. During the detailed consultation, you will therefore receive a clear cost plan that will inform you of the costs associated with the treatment in your individual case. We would be happy to explain this plan to you.


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