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SculpSure | Laserbehandlung gegen Fettpolster

SculpSure® in Berlin – laser treatment against unwanted fat deposits

In the field of body contouring, there are various surgical and non-surgical procedures to achieve a slim and harmonious appearance. Treatment with SculpSure® in Berlin is an innovative method of minimally invasive fat reduction. Heat is used to damage the structure of the corresponding fat cells so that they are no longer able to function. The surrounding tissue and skin remain unharmed. SculpSure® therapy is therefore a gentle and safe way of reducing fat.


What is SculpSure®?

The SculpSure® fat-away laser is an FDA-approved device for the non-surgical reduction of fat cells. It has four applicators that emit laser light specifically into the deeper layers of tissue. Thanks to the intelligent fastening system, the individual diode heads can be attached individually to the patient’s respective problem areas. This makes it possible to adapt the treatment precisely to the patient’s requirements.


Who is the SculpSure® treatment suitable for?

Treatment with SculpSure® in Berlin is particularly suitable for people who are bothered by small, easily localized fat deposits. These unwelcome fat deposits are often found on the stomach or in the hip area. For successful treatment with SculpSure®, the patient’s BMI should ideally not be greater than 30. For overweight people, conservative methods of weight reduction should be used first. If fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet remain despite a normal personal weight, treatment with SculpSure® for harmonious body contouring can be considered.


Preparation for the treatment

An individual consultation takes place in our dermatology practice Dr. Kors beforehand. The main purpose of the appointment is to get to know you and your reasons for treatment with SculpSure®. Of course, I will also advise you in detail as to whether laser treatment is a suitable and sensible therapy option in your case. I will also explain the details of the treatment to you and discuss any possible risks. You can ask me your questions at any time.

Special preparation for a SculpSure® treatment is not necessary. You should only avoid intensive sunbathing and visits to the solarium for about a week before the application, as the laser light of the SculpSure® device can penetrate only slightly tanned skin better. In addition, if possible, you should not apply any creams to the areas to be treated immediately before the SculpSure® treatment.


How SculpSure® works

The SculpSure® fat-away laser works using light-based energy. Laser light with a wavelength of 1060 nm is emitted through the skin into the deeper tissue layers via the special diode heads. The specific wavelength achieves high energy absorption in the fatty tissue while protecting the skin. In addition, a built-in cooling device ensures that the skin surface is neither burnt nor irritated. After a short time, the temperature of the fat cells rises to 42 to 47 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the structure of the fat cells is damaged so that the treatment with SculpSure® causes a targeted and controlled destruction of the body fat. The fat cells are then gradually removed via the body’s own lymphatic system. A positive side effect of laser lipolysis is that the heat generated in the tissue also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This achieves an additional tightening effect.


Possible areas of application for SculpSure®

In principle, treatment with SculpSure® can be carried out in all areas of the body that have easily localized unwanted fat deposits and to which the applicators can be attached. Common areas include the abdomen, hips, flanks, thighs and upper arms. As the four applicators of the device are quite flexible, they can be adapted to the respective area in many cases. It is also possible to contour several areas of the body in just one treatment.


The course of treatment

On the day of the SculpSure® treatment, the four flat applicators are placed on the corresponding treatment areas. The fastening system is similar to a belt and ensures that the diode heads can be securely fixed in place. Treatment with SculpSure® in Berlin takes around 25 minutes in total. During this time, patients can simply relax and listen to music or read, for example. Treatment with the fat-away laser is generally painless. Anesthesia is not necessary. Our patients often report a feeling of warmth on the skin and a slight tingling sensation. A special cooling system ensures that the skin is protected from heat during the treatment.

If you find the treatment unpleasant, you can of course inform us at any time. We endeavor to make your treatment as pleasant as possible.


What needs to be considered after treatment with SculpSure®?

Immediately after treatment with SculpSure®, patients can return to their normal daily routine. Downtime is generally not to be expected, as SculpSure® is a gentle method without surgical intervention. In rare cases, the treatment areas may feel uncomfortably tight after using SculpSure®. Regular cooling usually alleviates these symptoms within a short time.

Patients should avoid strong sun exposure for about four weeks. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water and massage the treated areas several times a day for around five to ten minutes. This allows patients to support the removal of fat cells via the lymphatic system.


When are the results visible?

The body needs some time to absorb the destroyed fat cells. This process can take up to twelve weeks. However, the first positive changes are often already visible after around six weeks. The removed fat cells cannot regenerate or be reproduced. This means that treatment with SculpSure® provides long-lasting results.


Are there any risks associated with treatment with SculpSure®?

SculpSure® is generally regarded as a gentle and low-risk method of non-invasive fat reduction. Since neither surgery nor anesthesia is required, the body is not exposed to any major stress. In addition, the alternation between heating and cooling phases ensures that the surrounding tissue and skin are not damaged. Despite the low risks, we discuss the individual complications and side effects that can occur during a SculpSure® treatment in detail during a personal consultation.


How many treatments are needed?

We usually recommend two treatments to remove the unwanted fat cells and achieve a significant improvement. As every body can react differently to the application, it is not possible to promise a one hundred percent guarantee of success. However, our experience has shown that two sessions with SculpSure® usually lead to the best possible result. A healthy diet and exercise also have a positive influence on the treatment outcome. Therapy with SculpSure® can therefore complement a healthy lifestyle, but in no way replace it.


SculpSure® in Berlin – with your experts at the dermatology practice Dr. Kors

Are you interested in the possibilities of non-invasive fat reduction with SculpSure® in Berlin? At Dr. Kors’ dermatology practice, I will be happy to provide you with detailed information about this treatment method and discuss with you whether the procedure is suitable for you and your individual wishes.


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