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Augenlidstraffung in Berlin

Eyelid lift without surgery Berlin – a rejuvenated eye area without surgery

When the fine skin of the eyelids sags, this often results in not only the eye area, but also the entire face looking tired, tired and older. In addition to the conventional surgical method, other treatment options have proven and established themselves in aesthetic medicine. The modern Plasmage® procedure enables an eyelid lift in Berlin without the need for surgery or extended downtime. The gentle procedure for eyelid lifting without surgery is also known as Blefaroplasma®. The name is derived from the medical term for eyelid lifting: blepharoplasty.

Reasons for an eyelid lift

Collagen and hyaluronic acid, among other things, are responsible for the skin’s elasticity. With increasing age, the body’s own synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers decreases more and more. As a result, the skin, tissue and muscles lose their elasticity and firmness, causing individual areas to sag and wrinkles to become visible. This natural process also affects the delicate eyelid skin. Primarily, droopy eyelids are an aesthetic nuisance that makes the affected person feel uncomfortable. In some cases, there may also be medical reasons for an eyelid lift, for example if the upper eyelid is drooping so much that vision is impaired.

What are drooping eyelids?

Drooping eyelids occur when the tissue on the upper eyelid slackens and droops as a result. This change causes the movable part of the eyelid to be partially or even completely covered. If drooping eyelids are very pronounced, it is even possible for the tissue to overlap the eye and thus restrict the field of vision. In addition, the sagging tissue can irritate the eyes and cause recurrent or persistent conjunctivitis.

How do bags under the eyes develop?

Skin sagging can occur not only on the upper eyelid, but also under the eye, making unpleasant signs of aging visible. The eye is protected by fatty tissue. If the eyelid skin loses its firmness so that it is no longer able to adequately support the fatty tissue behind it, the fatty tissue usually bulges forward. The eyes usually appear swollen and tired as a result. These so-called bags under the eyes can be reduced with the help of a lower eyelid lift.

Preparation for the eyelid lift

An initial consultation will take place at our practice Hautzentrum Weißensee. During this consultation, I would first like to get to know you and your motivation for the treatment. We will also talk about your expectations and wishes for the eyelid lift. Based on this information and a detailed examination of your eye area, we will determine whether the Plasmage® treatment is the right method for you. Together we will agree on a realistic result for the eyelid lift. Of course, I will inform you in detail about the procedure, the pre- and aftercare as well as any risks of the Plasmage® procedure.

For the eyelid lift, we take photos of you showing your eye area before the eyelid lift, immediately after the procedure and during the healing process. This allows the course and success of treatment to be documented and visualized. No other special measures need to be considered before the eyelid lift with Plasmage®.

What is Plasmage®?

Plasmage® is an innovative procedure for the tissue-sparing aesthetic treatment of sagging eyelids, wrinkles, (acne) scars, stretch marks and benign skin changes (e.g. pigment spots). Plasmage® treatment is most commonly used for upper and lower eyelid lifting and to reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Plasmage® treatment uses the ionization of air (especially oxygen and nitrogen). The procedure generates atmospheric plasma by discharging electrical energy as soon as the tip of the device is close to the skin. However, no current flows through the patient’s body. The special pulsed energy output leads to localized, short-term tissue heating. This sublimates (vaporizes) the top layer of skin without affecting or damaging deeper tissue. At the same time, the treatment kills germs, which enables a rapid healing process without scarring.

The fractionated plasma creates new connective tissue. This leads to a tightening effect, but with a time delay. In some cases, it takes up to six months for the tightening effect to become fully visible. The advantage of the gradual development of the effect is that the resulting rejuvenation is not sudden, but natural.

Advantages of eyelid correction with Plasmage®


  • No surgical intervention
  • No cuts
  • No general anesthesia (local anesthetic is usually sufficient)
  • Outpatient, gentle treatment
  • Comparatively short treatment time
  • Painless and low-risk
  • Very natural results
  • No scarring
  • No/very little rest and downtime
  • Can be repeated as often as required


Procedure for eyelid lifting with Plasmage®

First, the treatment areas are marked. To make the area to be treated less sensitive to pain, an anesthetic cream is applied. The Plasmage® or Blefaroplasma® device is guided precisely and point by point along the upper or lower eyelids. The discharge creates tiny micro-wounds on the upper layer of the skin and thus stimulates the body’s own regeneration process. The surrounding tissue layers are not damaged. Due to the low energy and the sterilizing properties of the resulting plasma, the skin areas usually heal quickly. Experience has shown that there are no scars after an eyelid lift with Plasmage®.

The treatment takes place on an outpatient basis and usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Plasmage® can achieve effective treatment results and significantly rejuvenate the eye area, especially in cases of excess skin. However, if it is necessary to remove underlying tissue (e.g. fatty tissue) or to tighten the muscles, an eyelid lift is usually the procedure of choice. In a personal consultation, I will of course explain to you whether a minimally invasive treatment such as eyelid lifting with Plasmage® can lead to the desired results.

Recovery time and aftercare measures

After the eyelid lift, the treatment areas may still be swollen. These symptoms usually subside within two to three days. A slight scab forms in the treated areas, which heals on its own after about three to five days. Ointments can also be used to support the healing process. We will be happy to advise you on which ointment is suitable for care. The redness that occurs after an eyelid lift with Plasmage® usually fades within a few days.

In order not to irritate the sensitive areas after the treatment, patients should avoid make-up and powder. In addition, the eyes should not be rubbed too hard. It is also advisable to protect the eye area from direct, intense sunlight. The best way to do this is to use sun cream with a high sun protection factor and wear sunglasses or headgear to protect your eyes.

What are the costs associated with an eyelid lift?

Precise information about the cost of an eyelid lift with Plasmage® can only be determined after a personal consultation and a detailed examination. The reason for this is that each treatment is individually adapted to the patient and the price can therefore vary depending on the type and scope of treatment. During a personal consultation in our practice, I will of course be happy to inform you about the costs associated with an eyelid lift in your specific case.

Eyelid lift in Berlin – with your expert Dr. Kors

Eyelid lifting in Berlin using the Plasmage® procedure is a suitable method for people who want a fresher, younger and radiant eye area without any surgical intervention. In a personal consultation, I will be happy to inform you about how the Plasmage® treatment is carried out and what results are possible. We then tailor the treatment concept precisely to your needs in order to achieve a particularly natural-looking, healthy result.


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