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June 25, 2019

Advantages of liposuction without surgery

Liposuction without surgery in Berlin | Hautzentrum WeißenseeGetting the perfect body for summer often requires a lot of discipline, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise and sport. Some small fat deposits cannot be reduced even with training or a change in diet. If these unwelcome fat deposits are contrary to the personal ideal of beauty, this can be quite frustrating for those affected, as they are otherwise very fit, slim and well-trained. Among the methods for liposuction without surgery in Berlin include fat-away injections and treatment with SculpSure®.

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Liposuction without surgery: the fat-away injection (injection lipolysis)

The active ingredient used in the fat-away injection is a mixture of phospholipids, including phosphatidylcholine. These are obtained from soybeans and stimulate the body’s own fat breakdown. Phosphatidylcholine also occurs naturally in the human body in a similar composition. As a result, treatment with the fat-away injection is very well tolerated, as the body is familiar with the substance used and no foreign substances are used.

After the active ingredient has melted the fat, the destroyed fat cells are transported away via the bloodstream and finally excreted. The treatment is carried out with a fine needle that injects the active ingredient directly into the treatment area. One application takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area. Experience has shown that two to four treatments with injection lipolysis are recommended for a harmonious result.

Liposuction without surgery: treatment with SculpSure®

SculpSure® is a laser device for non-surgical fat reduction. It has four applicators that are placed on the skin and fastened with straps. Unlike cryolipolysis, it is not necessary to suction the areas to fix them, which means that hematomas occur less frequently. In addition, SculpSure® does not work with cold, but with laser light, which generates heat in the tissue. The fat cells are destroyed by this brief and intense heat and then absorbed by the body. The treatment lasts 25 minutes. The first results can be seen after about six weeks, after twelve weeks the final result can be assessed and, if necessary, further treatment can be scheduled for an optimal result.

We generally recommend that our patients undergo two treatments at intervals of six to eight weeks for optimum results. In addition to fat reduction, treatment with SculpSure® has an additional tightening effect due to the heat generated in the tissue. The reason for this is the formation of new connective tissue, which is stimulated. It can take up to another six months for the tightening effect to become visible, as the collagen structures naturally have to be built up by the body first.

Harmonious body contours without surgery

The biggest advantage of minimally invasive treatments such as injection lipolysis or treatment with SculpSure® is that the patient does not have to undergo surgery. No skin incisions are required for body contouring, which also eliminates the risk of scars. This makes the methods gentler on the body, as they do not burden it with surgical steps from which it has to recover.

No or light anesthesia instead of general anesthesia

Fat reduction without surgery involves comparatively painless procedures. With the fat-away injection, the active ingredient is injected with a fine needle so that patients only feel a slight prick at most. If desired, it is also possible to make the treatment areas less sensitive to pain in advance with a special anesthetic cream. The SculpSure® treatment does not usually require any additional anesthetic measures either. Most patients do not find the heat development very unpleasant. In addition to the feeling of warmth, there may also be a slight tingling sensation on the skin. An integrated cooling system protects the skin surface from burns and damage. Only in rare cases do people find the use of SculpSure® unpleasant because the heat development appears too intense.

Reduced treatment duration and downtime

Another advantage of minimally invasive treatments is that the treatment time is shorter compared to surgical liposuction. Both injection lipolysis and treatment with the fat-away laser usually take less than 30 minutes. They are therefore often referred to as “lunchtime treatments”. The average procedure time for liposuction is between one and three hours. The time depends on the size and number of treatment areas.

As the minimally invasive treatments are very gentle on the body, the downtime and recovery times are correspondingly short. In most cases, patients are immediately socially acceptable again after injection lipolysis or SculpSure® treatment. In the case of surgical liposuction, however, a one- to two-week break from work and strenuous activities should be taken into account. Patients should refrain from exercise for at least four weeks after liposuction.

Risks of surgery and anesthesia are eliminated

Another positive aspect of minimally invasive liposuction procedures is that there are no general surgical risks. Even intolerances or unpleasant after-effects of general anesthesia do not play a role, as the methods are performed with or without a light local anesthetic. The respective complication risks of non-surgical treatments are manageable and are generally limited to minor, temporary discomfort such as swelling, redness, sensory disturbances or hypersensitivity.

You can obtain more detailed information in a personal consultation at our practice. Simply arrange an appointment with our practice team!

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