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January 26, 2024

10 frequently asked questions about StimSure®

StimSure® frequently asked questions
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January is the month of good intentions – freshly set goals for a healthier life and more sport are usually put into practice with motivation. A slim and shapely body is a popular aspiration. But what should you do if your success curve does not continue to rise after a long period of training despite your iron discipline? How can the muscles be optimally strengthened? At our institute, we offer the StimSure® treatment for muscle building and body shaping. This is an innovative and intensive method to give your body the desired contour. We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about treatment for you here.

What exactly is StimSure®?

StimSure® is a non-invasive procedure for targeted stimulation and muscle development. The aim of the treatment is to strengthen the muscles and tone the body harmoniously. Building muscle not only has an effect on the affected body region, but also on the metabolism: strong muscles absorb a lot of energy and help to burn fat, both during training and at rest. It is therefore essential for a healthy and beautiful body.

How does StimSure® work?

In the StimSure® treatment, an electromagnetic field is generated using special paddles that are placed on the skin. This ensures that the muscles contract, i.e. contract – just like during a conventional workout. However, the treatment strains the muscles to an extent that is not possible with “normal” sports exercises. A session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. Over 24,000 muscle contractions should be triggered during this time. The device has 60 programs with which the intensity can be precisely controlled. This means that an individual treatment plan can be drawn up for each patient.

Which zones can be treated with StimSure®?

Thanks to the individual intensity settings, StimSure® can be used in almost all areas of the body. This allows you to target precisely the muscle groups that are crucial for a harmonious appearance, namely the buttocks, abdomen (six-pack), upper arms, calves and thighs.

What is important before treatment?

In principle, there are no restrictions or special measures to be observed before treatment with StimSure®. Only metal objects and jewelry such as piercings must be removed from the treatment area for the treatment. In addition, the procedure is not performed during pregnancy. Dr. Kors will explain everything about the procedure in a detailed consultation.

How does the treatment work?

The StimSure® paddles are placed on the skin of the area to be treated. They trigger the contraction of the muscle painlessly via an electromagnetic field – comparable to natural movement or exertion during training. This attraction is maintained. This is known as the maximum tetanic contraction. This strain on the muscles stimulates their growth. During the entire treatment, all you have to do is let StimSure® work. You can simply relax.

In total, a treatment takes about 20 to 30 minutes per area. Anesthesia is not necessary.

How long will it take until I am fit for everyday life again?

You can leave the practice immediately after the treatment and are fully socially acceptable again straight away. There are therefore no grace periods or downtimes. Temporary muscle soreness may occur, which is particularly noticeable when the stimulated muscle areas are moved and stressed.

How many treatments are required?

With StimSure® we recommend a so-called boost phase at the beginning in order to optimally stimulate and build up the muscles. This phase usually comprises six to eight treatments with two treatments per week. Further treatments can be arranged individually. To maintain the effect, it is usually advisable to repeat the treatment every two to three months.

When will I see the results?

Initial results are usually noticeable and visible after the first treatment and improve with each subsequent treatment. The basic tension of the muscles increases and in many cases the posture also improves. In addition, many patients feel more efficient, fitter and also more comfortable. Optimal results are achieved approximately three to four weeks after the complete treatment plan.

Are there any risks with StimSure®?

StimSure® is a very gentle, safe and low-risk method of body contouring. After the treatment, you may experience muscle pain and temporary muscle cramps, as you would from conventional training. Occasionally, slight reddening of the skin also occurs. In women, the intense muscle contraction can lead to premature onset of menstruation.

What are the advantages of combining SculpSure® and StimSure®?

In addition to StimSure®, we also offer treatment with SculpSure® WarmSculpting™ at our institute. This is also a non-invasive method for improving the body contour. Targeted heat treatment of the tissue destroys and removes stubborn fat deposits. At the same time, the heat tightens the tissue. If desired, StimSure® and SculpSure® can be combined with each other to optimally shape the desired body zones.

If you still have questions – please contact us!

A StimSure® treatment is the perfect supplement for active, sporty people and professional athletes who want to get the most out of their training. We will be happy to provide you with all the details and work with you to create your personal StimSure® plan. Contact us and make an appointment for a non-binding consultation. Here you get to our online booking .

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